The end of certificate fraud: find out how to prevent it
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The end of certificate fraud: find out how to prevent it

The end of certificate fraud: find out how to prevent it

Since the old times, credentials were issued as paper certificates which featured intricate designs, wax stamps, foils, embossing, watermarks, and other elements to prevent forgeries and other forms of fraud. What happens today though? Is this an effective way to prevent fraud nowadays? Even though technology is improving the maritime industry in so many areas, the approach to certificate management solution remains the same.

The present situation regarding fraud in the certificate management process is obvious: a study of Maritime Safety Committee* reveals that 39% af all maritime certificates include fraudulent qualifications and anyone with basic Photoshop or photocopier skills can fake a paper certificate. Brands and qualifications are devalued instantly by those falsely claiming to have completed your programs.

Moreover, a major study regarding the Certificate of Competence (CoC) Fraud by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency highlighted the vulnerability of paper certificates, with fraud occurring through:

  • 60% counterfeit documents or their alteration
  • 30% falsification on records
  • 10% cloning or impersonation

It seems that the biggest challenge is that there is no consistent certificate format or approach to veritable features, making it very difficult for example for PCS inspectors, to verify the authenticity of a document.

Digital certification, the safest way to deal with fraud

Fraud becomes more difficult with digital certificates. Adding your certificates to Blockchain represents an additional level of security because there is a record of the credentials which is impossible to change.

  • Moving to myCert makes it easy to:
  • Prevent your certificates and badges from being counterfeited
  • Provide online verification mechanisms for third parties to verify your certificates, without needing to engage with you and take up your time
  • Secure your records using Blockchain

myCert Verification tool allows third parties to verify your certificates free and whenever they want, without you having to offer service these requests via telephone, email or your helpdesk. Applying digital certificates, therefore, protects your brand, increases employer confidence in your qualifications, and prevents fraud.

We find new methods of providing what people need: automatisation, increased efficiency, more security and last but not least, a tailor-made and customer-driven digital solution for the certificate management process.